what is the tile made of?

STAR TILE is made of the highest quality stoneware, and fired to 2270F/1243C.  this means that the clay reaches a fully vitrified (fused) state and is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, or exterior use.  It is the same type of clay used for tableware, ovenware and floor tile.

what is your tile making process?

our tiles are truly artisinal – hand made by highly trained artists.  tiles are made in one of two ways – by rolling slabs (field tile) or by pressing in plaster molds (relief tile).  once tiles have air dried, they are sanded to remove imperfections and bisque fired.  subsequently, glaze is brush applied by hand according to your specifications.  after a second firing, the tiles are ready to ship.

you will notice that brush-applied glaze creates a very distinctive

can I use the tile outside, or in a fountain?

yes. all tiles are high-fire stoneware, meaning they may be used in wet locations.  they may be used for any application, indoors or out.  (flat tiles for floor and counter, 3d tiles for any other surface).


what glaze options do you have?

we have 66 available colors – please see our downloads page for glaze charts.  there are four glaze families:  opaque, transparent, metallic, and two-tone.  the two-tone glazes have a high degree of variation, and we can bring out certain colors through a change in kiln temperature or number of coats.  as the tiles are made by hand, you can expect a slight unevenness in surface texture, which is further enhanced by the glaze.


can my designer request a custom color?

absolutely – we will work with the designer to select an appropriate shade and provide samples for approval.  no two installations are exactly the same.


can we see the final layout before installing?

we create CAD layouts for each order, and provide a 3d view of the final layout for approval prior to manufacture.  as many of our tiles are asymmetric and have a great degree of movement, it is critical to study the layout prior to installation.


how long does the tile take to make?

all tile is made to order per the designer’s exact specifications / not stocked.  current production time is approximately 8-12 weeks depending on the size of the order.