artisinal manufacturing + local labor

star tile is made by hand at every step – from forming the tile to sanding for bisque, and brush-applying custom glazes.  the process is very labor intensive, and the work is done by skilled artisans.  all of the fabrication takes place at our downtown Los Angeles location – our product is 100% locally sourced and locally made.


bilingual training

we are committed to offering employment to the people who most need it, with the goal of strengthening the local economy and building up our community.   we support local immigrants, mothers and students, providing a safe and supportive work environment.  we offer bilingual training in our factory and opportunities for advancement.


education & community outreach

star tile recently gave free ceramic tile training to the students of art division, a non-profit organization dedicated to training and supporting under-served youth who are committed to studying the visual arts.  once trained, we employ Art Division students, creating the possibility of earning a living through work in visual arts.


tile making classes are also available for the public.


supporting the people of downtown LA

we believe that our business can (and therefore should) create a positive impact in our neighborhood and city.  by offering a living wage and offering opportunities for advancement, we support the families and fabric of downtown los angeles.  the tile itself, designed to last 4000 years, will have a lasting visual impact on the city of the angels.